Shopping: New Westlake Nordstrom Rack Opens

Tomorrow morning, at 9 a.m. sharp, the downtown Nordstrom Rack completes its move from Second Ave to Westlake Center with a grand opening celebration. Last night, I got a sneak peek at roomy new space, and let me say: It is glorious.


Walking into the doors located at the corner of 5th and Pine, the first thing to jump out is the bright flower stand in the lobby where the Rack will be selling $10 Pike Place Market bouquets every day. Descending the escalators and hopping off near the accessories section, the basement space then sprawls a full 42,500 square feet on one level. The subtle updates are appreciated (more fitting rooms, a clearly-marked designer section and 16 mobile checkouts so you probably won’t even have to stand in line), but for me, the real standout was the shoe section. With over 10,000 pairs of shoes, a large designer selecction, and a boxed shoe presentation (no more shoe window), I have a feeling I’ll be getting lost in there for days at a time.




If you want to play hooky tomorrow morning, Top Pot Doughnuts’ sweet truck will be parked out front (free breakfast!) and the Rack will be giving away numerous gift cards through various contests, a including $100 credit for shoppers who find the Emerald City green hangers hidden throughout the store.