New Online Shop: Close By

Lost at Sea bandana, $10

Porchlight Coffee and Records owner Zack Bolotin has a new project, an online store called Close By, that you should know about. Bolotin lauched Close By over the summer, as a love story to his home state of Washington, filling it with “items that are well made, good looking and that I would want in my home (or on my back and on my head),” he explains.

“In the 50's my great grandfather owned a pawnshop downtown on First Ave., and my parents got the A-frame sandwich board out of the attic and gave it to me (it now my prized possession and resides in my living room). Once I saw the sign in person it sort of revived the idea I've occasionally had of having a retail shop.”

In addition to cool Pacific Northwestern-y things like Portland-made knit caps and wearable sleeping bags (cozy), Bolotin offers super-cool bandanas (great for wearing, but also suitable for framing), a camping themed one he designed and one called Lost at Sea, designed by tattoo artist Kyler Martz.

And if you’re wondering, the name Close By is from an Albert Camus story about “the sea, ships and landscapes around him...”