Coming Soon: Hammer + Awl

Madrona's newest retail addition

Madrona’s getting a new store. The paper is almost down off the windows at Hammer + Awl, a men’s accessory boutique fixing to stock what sounds like great American-made goods for dudes, and women who like things like Olo perfume from Portland, Shinola watches, Field Notes notebooks and finery from The Portland Collection from Pendleton.

Stay tuned for news on their opening date.

**Update! I heard from owner Erin Krohn who confirms that the store's opening date is set for October 12 to coincide with the Madrona second Saturday art walk. Hammer + Awl will feature the work of Portland artist Hickory Mertsching. Krohn, an interior designer with 17 years experience, decided to pull the trigger on Hammer + Awl in July (!), after mulling it over for years.