The Seattle Food Establishment: Second Annual List

The 50 most powerful players in Seattle's food scene, plus one to watch.

Who is shaping the way we eat now? The Seattle food scene’s movers and shakers may not be who you think they are. For the second installment of the our Food Establishment list, we tracked down the newest ventures, expansions and innovations by chefs, entrepreneurs, corporate honchos and behind-the-scenes players to rank the top 50—plus a new one to watch—in terms of impact. Unlike last year’s list, in which we took a longer view (it was our first list, after all), the emphasis is on what’s been shaking in the past year—with the long-term influence weighing in the balance. Read on to discover who’s got the power. Additional reporting by Mallory Peterson

Use the arrows above to navigate through the list, presented in reverse order.