Diane Mapes

One of the most fascinating singles in Seattle.
Posted November 01, 2012
May We Suggest: A date at the Underground Tour. Learn about life in 19th century Seattle via subterranean tunnels and corny one-liners.

Age: 53

Occupation: Freelance journalist and author

Destined for occupation since: I started writing my byline all over my Pee Chee back in high school.

Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Orientation: Straight

Children: No kids, but I’m a red-hot aunt

Grew up: On a strawberry farm in Skagit Valley

Personal mission: After being diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2011, then going through the subsequent surgery and treatment, I’m writing more on my blog (doublewhammied.com) about the good, bad and ugly of living with BC as a single woman. I’d love to help get the word out that while a BC diagnosis is an indisputable crapfest, it’s not the end of the world. Breast cancer is survivable.

People would be most surprised to learn: I’ve been to Antarctica and would love to go back.

Favorite guilty pleasure: The Walking Dead on AMC. Who knew zombies could be so entertaining?

Best place to eat a meal solo in Seattle: At the bar at Ten Mercer on Lower Queen Anne

Best way to spend a rainy day: Packing for a trip to Tahiti

Favorite place for a first date: A ghost tour of Pike Place Market, or a fun vintage movie at the Cinerama or SIFF Cinema 

Best way to meet people in Seattle: Don’t wait around for some secret signal from the heavens. Just strike up a conversation and see if there’s any there there.