Cool Souvenirs from the World’s Fair

Sure, they’re kitschy now, but back in 1962, these items were hot property.

1. Champagne glasses (with Space Needle stems) used on opening night of the fair

2. A ticket book, with individual tickets for fair exhibits

3. An official Space Needle beanie, whose top shakes like a maraca

4. A commemorative egg timer on a piece of wood (of course!)

5. Porcelain salt and pepper shakers

6. A full-size paper parasol—definitely not rainproof

7. A bullhorn (for shouting “Go Monorail?”)

8. Collectible lapel pins

9. A Jim Beam Space Needle liquor decanter

10. A chauvinistic ashtray from the naughty “Show Street” section of the fair

11. A 9-inch tall chrome Space Needle lighter—invented by Rick Steves’ family friend

12. One of many commemorative plates


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